Monday, May 1, 2017

3rd Hard Drive Installed On My Editing Laptop

Tonight I installed a second 2TB internal hard drive on my HP Elitebook 8760W laptop computer. I now have 3 hard drives on this baby, a 1TB, a 2TB and another 2TB, along with 32GB of RAM. I will need tons of space to store my video files made in the dump for the film, especially if I decide to shoot everything in the RAW format.  The idea is to fill these hard drives up with video, and also have a back up of some kind, either on external hard drives or possibly online (might to large and take to long to upload).

I have now maxed out the capabilities of my laptop, got a hard ass big time machine. Hopefully it will work flawlessly for me in the coming few years. If I can make my movie on it, store the video footage, do the editing, then it will have done its job.  Lots to ask of this machine, I think it might just work.

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