Friday, April 21, 2017

Now Have The Maximum 32GB Of RAM In My Editing Laptop

You got to love YouTube. Today I was able to use a couple of online tutorials to install 16GB more RAM into my HP Elitebook 8760W laptop. I wanted to upgrade the memory so that I could handle more high end work when doing the movie editing in Thailand later this year. Today I was able to do that.

Today's computer upgrade turned out well. I was a bit worried going in as I am not really a tech guy but it went very smoothly. I had to remove the computer keyboard to get at the extra 2 RAM slots but that went fine. 

I also purchased a 2TB second hard drive that I want to install. Am patiently waiting on the hard drive caddy I need (from China) to complete the installation. If that goes well I will try buying and installing a third hard drive (another 2TB job). The most difficult part for me is getting the caddies (they hold the drives in the computer) from China. Ordered 4 different cheap ones but 1 never arrived, 1 is the wrong style (ended up getting that free). I have 2 more on order now. I would also need to buy the second 2TB hard drive online as well. With 32GB of RAM and 5TB of hard drive space. I would have a kick ass laptop for video editing.

Update* I bought the second 2TB hard drive, the cost $94.99 USD plus shipping. Am going for the 3 hard drive option for my computer. 

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