Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Came-TV Optimus Gimbal Has Arrived

Got my Came-Tv gimbal today, cost only an additional $19. The device works great thou it is taking me some time getting used to using it, figuring out how to first balance it then shoot with it. I quite like it so far especially the 2 handed version. In combination with my 24mm Canon lens, Metabones Speedbooster and BMCPP the weight is minimal. I can easily carry it with one or two hands. I am eager to try out the 11-16mm Tokina lens I have in the mail from Japan. That lens will give me a wider angle of view as will the small and very light 7.5mm Rokinon I have coming up from the States. I will probably use those 2 lens much more with the Came-TV stabilizer.

So far so good with this unit, I think it will be especially good for low angle following children through the dump shots and high angle views off a raised mono pod. Here is hoping it is a valuable addition to this film. Now I just got to figure out how to tell a story in film! I own lots of toy now but have little in the way of story telling ability!

Update* The one problem I had with the unit was the rather rinky dink mount for the remote control. It was all plastic and cheap and came apart a few hours after I first got things set up. I instead attached the remote using an elastic band on the left handle of my 2 handle rig. I find it is much better to use in that position as I do not have to reach down for the remote which destabilizes the entire rig. I can instead simply move my thumb a few millimetres which gives me full access to the remote and pan up-down, left-right motorized camera movements.

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